First weeks in Charlotte

I am writing this blog after almost 3 weeks in Charlotte, North Carolina. Since I arrived I was fortunate to have the support of a friend and his family. This made settling down much easier. From offering me a plate of food on his table on a recurring basis to lending me his car to do my grocery shopping, the help of this great friend has made my life much more comfortable these past few weeks. Living close to his house at the same time, has given me the security of knowing that if at any time I needed something, I have him 10 minutes away walking, which in a city designed for the car and without having one of my own is a relief.

If I had to highlight something negative from my experience so far it would be the public transport system. Not having my own car I rely mainly on the bus, which is not very punctual, runs every so often and there are times when it doesn’t stop. However, I am aware that this is something the city is trying to improve with systems such as the light rail, which unlike the bus, works particularly well.

As for work, it has been a pleasure to come to the studio where I am doing my internship. From the first moment I have been surrounded by friendly, patient and extremely helpful co-workers. An example of this is the recurring company lunches that are held, and in which a very friendly atmosphere is enjoyed. The office facilities are very good, so even though teleworking is allowed some days of the week, it makes you want to come to the office for its comfort.

Overall I feel very lucky to be where I am today and I’m looking forward to the next couple of months.


Eduardo Perez Latorre

Eduardo Perez


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