The perfect ending for my American adventure

It looks that I was waiting to meet the king sport for my last moments in the United States. Finally I was invited to assist to an UCF football game!


We started off course in the tailgate. It is a huge pre game party that takes place usually nearby the field organized by all the fans. The level of preparation for the tailgating is again something that you can only see here. Tents, barbeques, coolers, speakers, chairs and even portable TVs! Mix it and put thousands of people throwing and catching the ball and you will get an image. I thought it couldn’t get better but once you get to the field the real show starts. A really huge band plays all the songs, with a horse running along the field and all the cheerleaders performing. For me the game was the least important. It is again an extraordinary experience.


It was a great way of saying goodbye to the vibrant American culture. My experience is coming to an end and I can say every moment was worth the time here.


For the rest I would only say that don’t think about it and grab the opportunity!

Rosa Llabrés


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