Ecuador of my experience

Hi all!!!

It is weird to think that more than half of my experience has already gone by. It’s incredible how time flyes.

I was expecting january to be much much colder here in NYC, however it’s not, and we are able to do a lot of activities outside. I have been playing a lot of rugby lately, as there is a very arranged rugby culture in Brooklyn. It is very nice to get to know people while working out and I would really recommend joinning a team of any sports to someone that is new to the city. It does not need to be a sport you have practice before, as attitude is one of the most important things. As long as you are positive and want to improve, that is what counts.

This next month is going to be someohow ackward for me, as I am taking holidays now. I will be travelling through Argentina and couldn’t be more exited. Nevertheless, being away for two weeks is going to be a long time and I am sure I will miss the big city. I always have the feeling that whenever I am away, a lot of cool things happen.

Changing topics completely, i keep discovering new things every day, and there is no day in which something does not surprise me. It could be while crossing the street or taking the metro, but every morning I am looking forward to the surprise of the day. This city is weird, but you end up loving it. New York is just New York and everyday I feel more represented by the statement of «If you make it here, you make it anywhere».

As said, sad for the time flying by so quickly but, extremely looking forward new experiences in the next months, I’ll keep you updated.


Iratxe López


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