Tips for planning trips in the US

After arriving in the US, foreign travelers can move around the country using the services of domestic airlines. Air travel is a convenient way to move between cities. Most major cities have at least one airport that operates direct flights and connections. Traveling by plan from coast to coast should take less than eight hours (if direct flight). However, this same trip may take several days if you plan to travel by car or train.

Last Christmas, I went from New York to Florida to stay with my family for the holidays, but I messed up by started planing to buy the tickets too late. If you plan ahead, you can save a significant amount on airfare. Leaving to buy your tickets at the last minute can be expensive. The peak travel season in the United States is between June and September, and flight fares are at their highest during this period. But fares are even higher for those planning to travel on or around the holidays (which was my case here).

Most major airlines use electronic ticketing systems. Tickets usually contain a confirmation number, which includes all information about the reservation. You can check in online and print your boarding pass, or check in at a kiosk or at the service desk. Having the boarding pass in your phone is quite useful, because we don’t have to care around a piece of paper stick inside our passport while being afraid of damaging the bar code (only those that have already dropped water in their boarding pass will know how terrifying it is to damage the boarding pass).

The only thing inconvenient about air traveling is that you have to arrive at the airport early. At least 2h before boarding time, if you don’t have baggage to check in. If you do have to check in bags… well, I’d recommend arriving a good 4h prior to your flight, because lines can be huge at some days.

Karsion Kaminskas


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