Bittoni Architects Selected Projects

Bittoni Architects joins us for their first selection of projects for the Featured Company Series. For their first set, they focused on projects that are more cutting edge in their design.

History and Culture of Bittoni Architects

Founded in 2004, Bittoni Architects is a full-service architectural practice predicated on the notion that architecture is both an artistic and social endeavor that has the potential to enhance the way we experience the world around us. Their work is idea driven, with a strong emphasis on research and analysis. It is their belief that, with a thorough investigation of context and culture, they can create meaningful solutions that give way to new forms of expression and interaction that are unique to each of our projects. Their methodology is defined by their explorative approach and a curiosity for the unconventional.  They work in collaboration with people and organizations to design their futures. 

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Their office’s design philosophy is rooted in how their work is to be experienced in the built environment.  They begin with how the architecture responds to its surroundings; sensitivity to site and context is critical to the development of the design.  Factoring in building code, budget, and constructability early in the design phase allows us to foresee potential conflict and facilitate the permitting process.  With the efficiency of BIM and the implementation of VR, they are able to quickly study massing, scale, and materiality and curate how they are to be experienced from within.

Mark Bittoni

Mark was born in Columbus, Ohio. After graduating from The Ohio State University’s Knowlton School of Architecture in 1998 he was awarded the UCLA Presidential Fellowship, where he earned the prestigious AIA Scholastic Award. Upon completion of his degree, Mark went on to work for the internationally recognized firm of Moore Ruble Yudell. While there he worked as a project designer on a wide variety of building types and scales.

Since the founding of Bittoni Architects in 2005, the office has grown from a local design practice to a thriving firm with projects on three continents. The practice has been responsible for a wide range of work, from multifamily housing, commercial retail, offices and workplaces to private homes.

In addition to managing his own practice, Mark was a lecturer at the University of Southern California where he taught in the core undergraduate design studios. Mark has been a guest critic at the Ohio State University, Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico City, and the Savannah College of Art and Design. He strongly believes that a successful design practice is one in which the professional world is continually coupled with academic endeavors.

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As you scroll through the following three projects they have created, consider all of these design techniques and ideas they have implemented.

Bittoni Architects‘ Selected Projects

Located in Hollywood, this five-story, 17-unit apartment building responds to Los Angeles’ housing shortage by providing various unit types, with dedicated low-income units. Lexington II features private balconies, shared common space, and an open corridor over a parking garage.

Photos by Bittoni Architects


Located in Mid-City, this six-story mixed-use building features 115 units with private balconies, over flexible commercial spaces at the ground level. The landscaped podium at the third level provides a generous shared common space.

Photos by Bittoni Architects


This modern two-story duplex maximizes natural light and ventilation through strategic placement of skylights and picture windows.

Photos by Bittoni Architects

Do not forget that we will be posting more work by Bittoni Architects in the coming weeks and months, so keep an eye out for more of their incredible work!! Every Friday we will be posting a new Featured Company, so join us again next week!

Bittoni Architects

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