Almost preparing my luggage

It all started some years ago when I heard about a former colleague experience in New York. He introduced me to Architect US and told me about his great experience in a big firm in New York.

By that time, I had not so much experience in the professional life and I had just started on a new architecture office in Madrid with many interesting projects. I decided to wait a couple of years and continue to improve my architectural skills before beginning an international adventure.

When I already felt that I had gained experience enough and that I was ready to face new challenges I contacted Architect US to ask them for information about J1 Visa program deadlines, procedures and a lot of questions that I had on my mind about the steps I had to follow to get the opportunity to work in the USA.

I was completely sure that I wanted to live in New York, so once Architect US provided me the procedures and the conviction that this dream of mine was completely feasible, I sent out my resumé to an architecture office where I really wanted to have a chance, S9 Architecture.

After a brief interview they told me that they were very interested in me to join their team as a Trainee in New York city for 18 months. I felt fortunate to have been given this opportunity so easily. However, it is also true that I had work for the last four years to build a strong portfolio and, finally, the effort was rewarded.

Once I landed the job in the US, I reached out to Architect US and all of the paper work was done in a matter of weeks.

They were always very attentive to solve all my doubts, which have been hundreds of them. In a matter of minutes they responded to my emails with clear and concise answers. They have really brought a lot of tranquility and fluidity to this process.

At this very moment I am just waiting for my Embassy appointment. I can´t wait to prepare my luggage and take off!

Peio Erroteta


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