4 Ways That Top Architecture Firms Seek to Retain Their Top Talent

As AIA California Council recently published their research in their work called, «Attracting and Retaining Talent,» one of the key aspects they highlight in the research is that «firm principals have to shed assumptions about what matters to prospective and current team members.»

1. Firm’s Reputation

Neither a firm’s history nor its published design works seem to matter to prospective or current employees, the survey found. The firm’s overall portfolio and what researchers call its «street reputation» are some of the more important aspects of attracting talent and retaining young talent at that.

2. Work-Life Balance Matters

For younger architects the balance between work and life is just as important, if not more, than big paychecks and benefits, which are considered more traditional forms of compensation. It is important to research and better understand how to cultivate a long-term leadership strategy that focuses on collaboration and individual achievement.

3. Mentorship is a Huge Asset for Firms to Retain Young Talent

Many millennial architects view mentorship as the key to a successful start in their professional careers. One of the ways that firms seek to retain talent is to promote and encourage young professionals and firm leaders to rethink employee relationships and how they interact. Mentorship at the end of the day is a balance between providing support and independence.

4. Empowerment and Trust

It is always important to think of all the logistics that goes into empowering staff to be able to understand all aspects of the firm’s processes. Independence, relevant roles in the projects, and responsibility without micromangaing are words that younger designers mention when talking about ideal environments. Many architects are not trying to reinvent the wheel, but actually break with tradition and creates something fresh and new.

It is important to understand that in 2020, millennials already constitute more than 40 percent of the workforce. Thus, it is important to understand how they think and view the profession in their eyes. They are poised to transform the architectural profession.

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