4th of July Miami Trip

Two months since I started working in at MVMK Architecture in Hoboken NJ. I am still learning something new every day and I love that. I am already getting a lot more responsibilities at work which means I am earning the trust of my superiors.

One of the best things about working in Hoboken is that is just 15 min away from New York City, you can get there by bus, train or just take the ferry and enjoy the view, its summer so most of the days are perfect to do that.

Summertime is great, there are a lot of activities to do all the time, especially in NYC,  and even though it is starting to get really hot, almost 100°F!!! I am sure I am gonna miss this when winter gets here, so I might just enjoy it!



I had the opportunity to go visit a good friend of mine in Miami! I flew there for the July 4th holiday and stayed for 5 days! It was amazing!. It was my first time in Miami so I did not know what to expect. The best part for me was how colorful Miami is, everything is full of life!

A bad that that happened was that when I was returning my flight got canceled, which was bad, I had to call my office and tell them I will need an extra day to get back, but they were really supportive about it and didn’t give any problems.

I am planning on moving to a new apartment closer to work in about one month, Looking for an apartment here is not easy, rent is really expensive! even for a small room, so you really need to look for the best fit for you.

For now, I am really enjoying this experience and can’t wait for what the next months will bring.

Cristian Cordova

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