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First Month in NYC

My first month in New York has been an incredibly exciting experience.

I arrived one week before my training program’s starting date what gave me the chance to get in touch with and place myself in the city . During these days I also discovered one of my favourites spots in the city sofar: the Highline
In this first week I had the challenge to overcome the most urgent procedures and paperwork such as creating a bank account, getting an American mobile number, or scheduling an appointment to get your social security number asap.
Apart from this, one of my greatest achievements of this first month has been to find an apartment. Finding an apartment in NYC is a really challenging task. I tried to manage it from Spain but I couldn’t make so I booked a room in a residence. This is something  that I would highly recommend for other students. Landing in New York may be an overwhelming experience and a short term stay in a residence can be an  easier way to settle in the city. This also allows you to meet some other interns or trainees that are in a similar situation.
From my point of view, when looking for an apartment there are to key factors:its location and how it is connected to the subway. In my opinion is is essential to establish a budget considering not only the monthly rent but also: the broker’s initial fee, the guarantees required in each apartment, if it is a furnished or unfurnished apartment, and which utilities are included in the price of the rent. ( Heat and water  in most of the cases).  Feel free to contact the person who is running the apartment and ask about all of these issues to get an idea of how much you will finally have to pay each month. I also recommend to arrange an in-person visit to the apartment (when possible) given that sometimes there is a huge difference between the photos and videos provided on the website and the real apartment.
In my next posts I will go over my first steps working as an architect in Circular JPDA ,  and some of my first steps as a Newyorker.


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