A month has passed since I arrived in New York, and 4 weeks going to the IAE office in New Jersey.

The IAE team received me very kindly in their office, where I had the opportunity to meet most of the team right there. It has been a month of learning, getting  knowledge and adapting to new mechanisms, such as the Unit mechanisms!!! From thinking of spaces in meters to working with inches, feet, squad feet, acres!! Not only in the office does it happen- to do conversions-, also when you are in a supermarket and you have to convert kg to Pounds, or convert distances from miles to kilometers haha, it’s really different!

Also in this short time I’ve had the opportunity to work on different projects, where I began to learn how the office works, how each project is organized, from the first designs of a project, its progress process, to advanced design, technical documentation, etc.

It was an amazing 4 weeks of meeting new people, new places both in New Jersey and in amazing Manhattan, and of course new foods!

Finally last week I had the opportunity to do for a short walk to the big apple and visited new places and look at some buildings that I never had the opportunity to see before, such as the new area where the Edge building is located , The Vasse, among others. I am really excited  to know new places and  meet new people in the next coming weeks becouse all knows that this city is definitely infinitely large and big and where you go there is always something new happen o something to discover around every corner.

I’m still adjusting to this whole and new experience.

I’ll let you know how the adaptation its going on.

Until the next month!

Matias de Leon


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