[REPLAY] How to become recession-resistant for the new COVID reality?

Moukthika Reddy and our CEO Patricia Garcia got together to chat about the differences and similarities between India, the USA, and more specifically, Kansas. As well as some cool, new ways to create freelance opportunities, while still pursuing your career dreams. We highly recommend you watch this interview if you feel like you need some guidance and/or assistance around career changes and being recession resistant!

Yesterday, October 14th, 2020, our CEO Patricia Garcia connected with Moukthika Reddy for an hour long interview as part of our new Interview Series. They went over her experiences working in Kansas City for B+A Architecture, her academic experience in India at Nirma University, and more recently, how she was able to deal with isolation and her heavy work + academic schedule during COVID lockdown. She has a very multi-faceted and interesting life story and career.

Moukthika has been interested in Architecture since High School, and even though her parents are both Architects, at first, she wanted to be a doctor. As she began to learn more about the profession, Moukthika started realizing the wide variety of roles within the industry, and she started leaning more and more into Urban planning over time. Her parents never forced her to become an Architect, yet over time she came around to the idea, and now she loves having conversations about Architecture and Design with her parents. Moukthika was given a very special and specific opportunity to have both of her parents working at the same firm, so when they would come back home from work, Moukthika would hear them converse about rendering and sketching and all of these interesting projects.

One of her passions that lead her into becoming an Urban Planner is her artistic side, more specifically her love for sketching. Her mother when she was younger would incentivize her creativity and questioning of how society and architecture works. Moukthika mentioned that sketching helped her to learn how to take what is running around in her head and being able to translate it to paper and effectively communicate her vision.

Her advice for young professionals just starting off in the industry is to be proactive, and let your creativity run on its own, so that you can better understand yourself and what you want out of your career. In this way, you will be better positioned to know what you can offer a firm, and what they can truly offer you.

Another aspect that she highlighted was better understanding how urban planning can create healthy environments for communities and society to interact and organize themselves. One of her passions that she found out about later on in life is to understand how to prepare for the future. As an urban planner, you must be considering how society and our relationship with the environment will change. You must be able to envision a different future and design it.

One of the key differences that Moukthika has noticed about professional culture in the USA versus India is how Interns are viewed within the firm. For example, at B+A Architecture she was given more responsibilities and roles that are involved in every stage of the process. Connected with the clients and was given free rein to make the projects happen. This type of internship role is hard to find in India. One that allows you take action and make mistakes to learn from them.

Learn more about her recommendations for those wanting to work abroad, her perspective on the future of the Architecture industry, and her tips and tricks for getting new opportunities!!

If you have any questions for her, please submit them below and we will respond ASAP! 👇👇👇👇


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