My favourite building

There is a building that is extremely exciting at every moment at its history and purpose. This is the one I will be talking about, the MoMA.


This is the building I will be talking about today. Not because it is my favourite building of all times. The first time I have stepped on it was just exciting. Everything was intuitive at first, with a great hall. After the purchase of the ticket everything was about discovering every corner. Getting lost in every wing. And get immersed in each exhibition. Half a day it is not enough to see everything.

This museum has one of the most varied and rich collections of modern art. Beside that, this was a museum created to have a dedicated place for artists to show new artistic movements.

Through the years the museum had not only had arts exhibitions and installations, but also had several building expansions, and the most significant in size was from the architect Cesar Pelli.

Atmosphere and Exhibitions

Aside from the number of people that are always at the museum, everytime it is different. There are of course the permanent exhibitions, but the temporary ones are always unexpected and interesting. And everything is possible, it can be an exhibition about photography, architecture, paint, sculpture, installations, etc.

And without you even noticing you are flowing from one exhibition to another. The way that the museum was thought of is phenomenal. It simply makes you walk from one exhibition to another. And keeps every floor connected by its easy access to vertical connections. You can either move through elevators, escalatores, or stairs, there is always a way nearby.

Once the exhibitions are over, you can still enjoy the outside-inside space from the museum, in the private courtyard. Where you find many people enjoying time after or even before an exhibition. The versatility of spaces comes to live in this building. It is where you can have everything all together in one space.

Inês Moreira


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