Road Trip

After a first month of work routine I took a day off and a flight. The trip started in Forth Worth, where we had an entire afternoon of architectural pilgrimage. We got into Louis Kahn building and explored slowly the interiors under the concrete domes. The wooden floors and the travertine walls create a warm atmosphere even on a rainy day like the one we got. Texas welcomed us with an entire weekend of grey and showers, exactly the reason why we got there. At least you could tell we weren’t in New York for something, we could afford a pleasant lunch surrounded by roman mosaics from Siria. The great lawn between the two wings is a neat garden with visual axes, pools, ducks and ethereal spots. We had a long walk under a red umbrella before getting into the Renzo Piano building. There was the opening of some new exposition, and the main hall was occupied by plastic tables, flowers and proud members. Another few steps and we suddenly were inside a Tadao Ando concrete niche. Always surprising spaces. We spent the night in Austin, keep it weird is quite a perfect motto for the capital. Some random skyscrapers downtown mixed between parking lots and small houses, and then an highway inside the woods connecting to a more residential area in the north, with a huge pool inside a park. People looked very relaxed there. We saw the urban luna park on 6th street and had a great dinner in another strange long street with clubs inside houses. Last night in San Antonio, where everything happens around the riverwalk or on a scooter and then back to work, still thinking about the most complete American experience we could get in a weekend. Thank you Texas

Alberto Pizzoli

Architect, born in Verona in 1988.


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