Why Los Angeles

For someone like me, who never visited the US before embarking on this adventure, it was relatively easy to decide which city I wanted to go to.

Everyone knows that architecture is never easy when it comes to stress levels, and in the US is no different. So I know I needed to go to a city that could balance that stress with the weather and the access to the ocean. Adding more amazing perks, like good concerts and good art spots and events everywhere. Los Angeles seemed, from afar, a good choice.

Now that I am here I couldn’t be more happy with my choice!

I am living here for almost three months now and I may just have seen five days of rain, plus two cloudy days. It is amazing to wake up every day with the sun shining through the window. Definitely, it helps to put a smile on any face. Maybe that is why people here are so nice everywhere!

Adding the ocean to the amazing weather, I can say it is the perfect combo! During November I spend all my weekends on the beach, I never had such recharging weekends that make me endure any stress of a working week! And, I am lucky, as the studio that Architect-Us match me with is making me live quite near the ocean so it is impossible to miss this huge paradise of water!

Although I find it funny. This December, I went with my flatmates on an amazing hike in the mountains to see the HOLLYWOOD sign, it was one of those miracle cloudy days. These kinds of days are so rare that it even makes me miss them!

The hike was amazing, as the natural landscapes here are so different from what I am used to. But of course, as we reach the top we couldn’t even see the letters! Now we have a reason to come back!

Maria Lima


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