Architecture training

It has now been more than 8 month that I am training in architecture and it has been so enriching. I firmly believe that training in the field you later on want to go into is very important. No matter how much we learn at school; being in a working environment makes you discover aspects of the job you did not learn about in university. From learning how to manage work with a deadline, represent an idea and work in a team; training is a very enriching experience.

Training at WORKac helped me challenge the notion of design, and also learn how to manage more responsibilities. We are now at the last stretch of the CD phase of the project, and I am learning by the day! Discovering how a complete set should be done, what it should include as well as how it should be structured. Meeting with the consultant is also getting more focused on certain aspects that we are tackling at the moment. This is very interesting, especially that we are really getting the feeling that the project is getting more complete by the minute.

i am lucky enough to say that I really enjoy working as part of that team. The office lunches and the time spent with my colleagues really helped in building a great office environment. We even started a tradition of colleagues hanging out after work every Friday to kick off the weekend, especially that working on a deadline can get stressful from time to time. Another thing I appreciate is the learning culture of the office, meaning that you will never feel shy of saying you don’t know something, on the contrary you will be eager to ask how to learn it; and there is always someone here to help and contribute!

Sarah Sioufi


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