Architecture Training in NYC

Training in architecture in New York City is very exciting. This last month I kept on learning more and more about how projects evolve. We are now deep into CD in the project I am working on, and the exchanges with the consultants are becoming more frequent. It is very challenging and interesting to work with a deadline! The part I learnt the most from is coordination; making sure all the information is being exchanged and share clearly between all parties.

It is very exciting to see how the project is evolving on every aspect. The MEP systems are being implemented, the structure in being finalized to hopefully deliver very soon our Construction Package. Exciting! Since the project is going forward we are going into details and I am tremendously learning from that.

Another exciting part of this month is experiencing the city in summer. I honestly expected it to get even busier than normal times but was pleasantly surprised to see the opposite. The best part was how late the sun would set, some extra hours of sunlight change everything, especially the mood and mental health. I tried to take as much advantage of possible of the long days and good weather (except for the days of heatwave obviously). It was the perfect time to go to the beach, concerts in the park, picnics, strolls around the city… Even afternoons felt so much longer and you had the feeling of having a whole extra day added to your work day. which is amazing because you get double the time to enjoy every second of this cultural exchange.

I am looking forward to living the end of the summer with it’s cultural events, markets, concerts… My favorite part I think must be the summer streets closed to cars on Sundays!

Sarah Sioufi


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