My first month with a US architecture firm

I can’t believe a whole month has already gone by since I started working in San Francisco! Time has flown by. It has been a lot of fun and very exciting but also a challenge.

Adjusting to a new job is always hard, learning how things are done and meeting co-workers. But add in a new language, new building codes and different measuring system in to the mix and it becomes even more of a challenge.

I knew it would be a lot to learn when going into this experience but I completely underestimated it. I’ve been learning about new projects, understanding what the goals are, previous issues and client’s dreams. I’m still trying to understand the server, where files live, how to save new ones or where to find surveys and archives. The measuring system is hard to get used to and I keep a tab open with a converter and calculator to do simple math. New vocabulary and specific words I’ve never heard before are thrown at me everyday. It’s a lot to keep up with!

However, the people working here are great and very understanding. I feel very comfortable asking questions and they try to guide my through it and make sure I am comprehending. They’ve taken me on field trips to museums and to an existing house we’re renovating. They have shown me the San Francisco building and planning codes and how to browse their websites. I’m learning how they like things done and what their drawings usually look like.

It’s been a lot to grasp but I’ve been learning more that I expected already, I’m excited for the future!

Candelaria Gassiebayle


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