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Some fun-facts about the 1WTC, a thing to do in New York.

Hello every-one, last week-end I went to the One World Trade Center Observatory. That was an amazing experience.

The observatory is located at the top of the 1WTC, also known as “The Freedom Tower”. It is the highest place you can go in New York. You can have a 360 degree view at 1,254 ft (382.2 m). By taking into account the spire, the freedom tower reach a total of 541m, which is 1,776 ft. If this number seems familiar to you it’s mean you begin to be aware of the United State history. It is the year of the declaration of Independence of the country. This symbol explained the nickname of “Freedom Tower”.

          One fun fact about the spire; having an emission point at this height can be a huge opportunity for communication. But actually, any wave pass through the spire. The simple raison is that if it was use as a communication antenna, it can’t count in the building high. And in that case, we couldn’t say that the high of the tower is 1,776 ft. I learnt that the Empire State Building has the same trick.

The prize of the tickets begin at $37, then it evolves if you want to go there late in the evening. Nevertheless, you still can pay $37 if you arrive before 6:30pm, and then wait for the sunset in the observatory. The place close at 10pm. I also recommend you to buy your tickets on the website https://oneworldobservatory.com/tickets/ , then you will spare $3 and avoid the line.

The building’s architect was David Childs from Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM)

The view is just fantastic, it allows you to see as well the Empire State Building and the ocean.

Jérôme Pitance

Intern at GMSNew York

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