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Hello everybody!
My name is Matilde Pietrabissa. I was born in Pisa but I’m glad I can call many places home.
I am the second of four siblings: we’re very united, I love my family and I know I will miss them very very much!
Let me tell you something about how I got here…

My life around the world: Switzerland and Paraguay

I started my architecture academical career in 2014 in Switzerland, in Mendrisio, a quiet place on the border between Switzerland and Italy. During the years I spent at the Accademia di Architettura, I had the great opportunity to meet architects from all over the world, inspiring me to travel and connect with different cultures, embracing new languages and attitudes. I also spent a year between my bachelor studies and my master studies in Paraguay, Asuncion, where I worked for two of my favourite mentors: Solano Benitez and Gloria Cabral. I will be forever grateful for the experience they gifted me with. During that year, I also started to learn about another one of my great passion, which is teaching.

Where next?

After finishing my studies in Mendrisio, I worked for an architecture firm based in Barcelona which is dealing with humanitarian projects in Haiti and Senegal. I really loved Barcelona and its vibe, the never ending summer, walking to the beach… But I can’t stand still in the same city for too long! I wanted to experience more, to adventure myself and jumping in another country.

So I started looking around, sending portfolios, and I bumped into this office in New York. I knew a colleague who worked for them so I got in contact with her and she was very helpful, she told me something about the office and other things regarding the VISA. She was the one that suggested me to contact Architect US! Let’s talk ab

My experience with the VISA process

Now let’s be honest: even though Sonia, my program advisor, is my superhero, the process is taking longer than I was expecting… Whoever is reading: be ready! It will take some time and a lot of patience… But eventually you will get through this.

Anyway, Architect-US is the right choice: they’re taking care of all the paperwork, which is massive.
Oh and by the way I’m waiting to get my interview with the embassy so wish me good luck…

See you soon!


Matilde Pietrabissa


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