April Portfolio Challenge Winner is a Zero Emissions, Eco-sustainable Design

March was a month with incredible projects ranging from abstract designs to sustainable designs to affordable housing designs, but April is a new month with incredible top notch projects that will keep you engaged throughout the whole collection.

With 4 artists’ work being presented throughout the month on all of our different platforms, we have the final winner with the most likes on Instagram!!

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The winner of the $30 Amazon Gift Card for this month, the month of April is Seaside Collective Housing, which garnered the most likes on Instagram with 28 likes in April!!

Tanya Hayek joins us for their first time in the Architect-US Portfolio Challenge, and she is submitting her project called Seaside Collective Housing, which is her take on what an eco-sustainable design could look like for a collective of houses in the jungle near the seaside.

Tanya, a French Lebanese architect, recently joined the San Francisco-based YA Studio via the Architect-US J1 Visa Program, and now she is enjoying her American Dream. For her first submission, the Seaside Collective Housing shows off her design skills and rendering abilities.

The project goes into detail about the different ways in which the building can reach zero emissions and eco-sustainable structures. For example, she shows how the roof would be covered in solar panels, and the rain water would be collected through a green roof. The sliding wooden doors were designed with slats in order to allow the wind to pass through and create natural cooling.

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If you want to see more by Tanya Hayek, scroll down to the bottom to find the rest of his project, Seaside Collective Housing.

Thank you to everyone who had their work presented in the month of April!! 😁😁 We want to make sure that they all get more exposure! 👀👀

In second place was Macarena Chaves Martinez with a project called the Robert Crown Center, which garnered over 20 likes on Instagram. Macarena created Robert Crown Center as a space for sports and community gathering. As you move through the different sketches and renderings you see how the bottom floor is for Hockey and other indoor sports, while the exposed top floor is a park for people to meet and relax. Another key aspect of this center is the incorporation of nature into all areas of the center.

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In third place was Nieves Andrea Calvowith her submitted project called Panorama “A” cerowhich garnered over 20 likes. It was one of the projects she did during her degree. She worked along with Adderly Bustamante, Alana Macias and Giancarlo Patierno. The project is a review of the south of Madrid urbanism of the last decades, understanding the new urban developments trying to propose something coherent with its fabric. They proposed green paths, new ways of living, cooperatives, into a natural and healthy environment. The project comes from a deep research about the current situation of the “PAUS” in the  South-east of Madrid.

In fourth place was Miguel de la Ossa’s EUROPAN 12: DONAUWÖRTH APP with 16 likes on Instagram. Last time he submitted DISCO + DWELLINGS AT THE MINISTRIES PARKING , which was a creative process that allowed him to run, and practice his sketching and move from abstract to detailed. In this new project it aims to create green belt that wraps around the town and provides the community with open green space.

Images by Tanya Hayek

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