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My time in LA – Some hindsight thoughts

It’s been one year and a half since I came here, being ready to find the worst (just in case) but aiming for the best. And I have to say that I have been extremely lucky. Everything has gone pretty well: the office – KFA – is amazing. Full of interesting clever people, all collaborating towards common goals, really trying to give good quality multifamily housing to Los Angeles. It really feels like a family. As a group, they are great, and then, when you get to know the individuals you get to meet very interesting stories from here and there. You realize how cool can be some people that at first sight were not as uncommon, let’s say.

Not only good luck with the work environment, but also with my place. I’m in Castle Heights Ave, close to Cheviot hills and Beverly Wood, both quite nice neighborhoods where I love going for a walk very Modern Family like. I live in a lovely single family house, with a big garden where I love to grow zucchini, where hummingbirds stay 3’ distance still, staring at me (that’s hypnotizing) and a ton of playful squirrels that have frightened me several times haha

Almost every weekend I go to Venice Beach to train with some friends I made there, but what I enjoy the most is surfing. KFA pays for you to do some sportive activity so I do that, and I love it! However, last weekend I went to see Lacma (didn’t know Piccasso was there, and that famous coloured chair whose name I will never remember) and then, I went to the Hollywood sign but, instead of going through Griffith Park (which is great as well) I went through the hills! It was amazing! You get to understand why this very place of the world seems to be so coveted. I climbed that with my bike imagining the stories that happened there – Bod and Janis composing some riff together or, Incubus!! Did you know they are from here?! They grew very close to the Hills. I saw them yesterday in the Hollywood Bowl, a 100% must do experience if you come to LA. It was maybe one of the most beautiful concerts I’ve ever seen with some of my KFA mates.

If you are doubting, and thinking of coming to the US, I’d encourage you to do it. It’s very likely now or never and I’d suggest, be ready for the worst, aim for the best!


Víctor de Andres


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