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Introducing Myself

Hi! I am Stephany Altruda, a young brazilian architect that decided to explore different ways of design and project in the Architecture field. I have been curious since a child and passionate about creating different realities with space. Architecture came as a natural choice for me over time.
In the past, I have already participated in an exchange program in London for almost 45 days at a Summer Program, as a student. That pushed me out of my comfort zone and instigated me to go beyond.
Right now, this experience that is about to start as a trainee at Hoos Architecture will bring to me a different perspective of architectural daily working in the USA. I expect to learn and develop my view through architecture, especially in the form of conception and building techniques.

J1 Visa Process

Before this role process started, I always had this desire to experience architecture abroad, but I have never considered this kind of option as a working experience, because I didn’t even know that existed.  My whole world changed on the day that a friend of mine said that a way that she took could lead me to the way I always dreamed of, experiencing architecture abroad.
However,  not everything was a bed of roses, through this process I went through ups and downs. For instance, near the travel date, I ended up getting Covid-19 and had to postpone my trip to the embassy. I needed to interview in another state to have time for the response so that I could leave by the end of January. Despite the delay, I was able to reschedule all the necessary appointments and obtained my visa on time.
Despite all the adversities, each passing day I felt stronger to achieve my goals. My will to experience this new journey only increased. Was a challenging process through these last three months, to organize all the required documents and get the visa approved, but it all paid off in the end. For sure it was a great learning experience.
And hours before getting on the flight, In conclusion I  can properly tell you, if you have the same desire, be brave and go for it. At the end of the day, you will thank yourself for it. 😉

Stephany Altruda


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