Fist days in the US

I can’t believe it’s already three weeks that my American experience has begun.

Thank to the work of Architect-US I arrived on the 26th, after two flights and a stopover in New York. You can easily say America is different from Europe just looking outside of an airplane window. The cities are huge, spread out beyond any visible limit. I touched down in the evening, between the lights of the city. The temperature outside was already more pleasing than the Italian one and I must say it’s true what they say about people from south US. Never met no one friendlier and kinder.

The apartment is located in Montrose, a very nice suburb, located not too far from Down Town and with many shops, cafes and restaurants. I didn’t see a lot about America yet, but I think already that Houston it’s a typical American city. What I noticed is that the city looks made to be seen by driving a car. The distances between places and things are so big that is basically impossible to think to go by walk.

On my first days I went to see RDLR office, just to check out the location and find the best way to reach it. What really surprised me is to see that this fascinating industrial building in which the office is located, it’s actually in between two railways, so that during the days you can easily see the typical big American trains, with hundreds of wagons passing just in front of you, so fascinating!

On my first day in the office I’ve been pretty nervous, trying to make a good impression and trying to not look too shy because of the different language. I have to say that the RDLR’s team made me feel at home since the first moment. We went out for having a lunch all together and to better know each other. They brought me in a typical Mexican restaurant where I ate an original fajita. Many locals in town are Mexican and the majority of the  people can speak both English and Spanish, which is great to me, I couldn’t wait to practice a little bit of Spanish as well.

Now the city is getting ready for a big event which is about to come: Rodeo!

I’ll keep you posted!

Federica Ferremi

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