Welcome to the concrete jungle!

My Name is Macarena and thanks to Architect-US, I am making my dream come true. Architect US has helped me in every possible way, from providing interviews to getting all the paperwork ready!

I finished my master’s degree in 2019, all I wanted was to start my professional career in the USA. But COVID had other plans for me. As the Visas were canceled for months, I decided to start my own business, an embroidery brand company (Karma Design if you want to look it up;)). Also, I worked for a small architecture studio in Spain while I was still looking for a job abroad.

It is incredible how time flies. Last September, I received one of the most important emails of my professional career. I was offered a job in NYC!

Since I studied for a year in Chicago, I have always wanted to go back to the States. And what better place than the city that never sleeps!

I cannot believe that I am about to move to NYC. It feels like a dream. Just the perfect time!  I will get to spend Thanksgiving in the States again, experience the Black Friday, Autumn in Central Park (feeling like Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl). And most importantly, I am going to be able to feel the Christmas spirit in the Big Apple (Rockefeller tree lighting, Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday windows …WOW plenty of things), just like in a movie.

I want to do so many things, visit so many places! I don’t think 18 months are enough!

I forgot to mention that I get to share this incredible experience with a friend from Spain, we will be beginning this new chapter in the same American Company! Can you believe it?

It seems the waiting is over. I week from now, I will be living in New York City!!!

Macarena Chaves Martinez


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