First month: restarting, relearning and resignification


My first month here was intense but no less wonderful for that. I have met so many different people, I got in contact with other methodologies at work, I learned about their culture, especially the main dishes and American events. For instance, I had the opportunity to watch my first Super Bowl event and understand better the rules of an American football team.

In addition, I have even known more about the town, I visited the beaches and the downtown area, spent some afternoons laying at the seaside, running, or riding a bike. I truly opened myself to different activities and I have spent a wonderful time through that.


Before I came here, I was in doubt about how well I would be able to communicate with native speakers. However, what I realized in this first month is that sometimes even if they don´t understand you at the first time, you will figure out a way to express yourself.

In fact, through the days, you are going to learn more than you expected. Above all, the process of learning is not only about the other people, the other culture, or the other work, you are going to learn about yourself. Therefore, to achieve that you will need patience and attention with you and the world that surrounds you. In other words, it takes courage.


After all, I have been so well received by my work colleagues and their families. It’s so important to create with time your network, so you feel comfortable. Even if some days, when you face yourself alone and start to question yourself, find out what brings you back home somehow, if that is an object, a place, or a ritual. In my case, every time that I feel homesick, I go to the beach, take a good breath looking at the ocean. This moment reminds me of such good memories, that suddenly I feel embraced by the ones who care about me, regardless of the distance or the time.

In conclusion, that first month was all about restarting, relearning, and resignification. It takes time, but I am only at the beginning of the journey.

Stephany Altruda


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