February is over..

Here I am again, is incredible that another month has gone by, I’ve been in NYC for almost three and a half months now! Let’s see what happened this month!

As I mentioned in my previous post, the storm of the century was coming. It came and went through. It began snowing a Friday afternoon and stopped the following day at night. One of the things I have learned in these three months living in the United States is that everything is called “of the century”, the storm of the century, the match of the century, the best musical of the century and I could go on and on.

In my opinion, it wasn’t the storm of the century. Do not get me wrong, there was a lot of snow but nothing compared to the one we had last year in Madrid, “Filomena”. Or any other in the north of Spain. It would not be the biggest snowstorm ever, however it was cold as hell, with a real feel of 22 Celsius degrees below zero. The Snow came and went but the cold remained.

And what’s better for the cold than a movie night and pizza for dinner? This month was my first-time taking place in the monthly film festival held at the office. Each month we have to choose a movie with a specific theme! This February the theme was the eighties. The selected film was “working girl”.

That’s not all, for each monthly movie night we have to design a t-shirt with a concept based on the movie. A coworker and I were in charge of designing it. It was a very fun process!

We can’t forget about New York fashion week! It took place the second week of February. Maria and I went around Soho to see some street style! It was amazing how many people were on the street. We even saw Some famous people!!

I will be back with more adventures soon!

Stay safe!

Macarena Chaves Martinez


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