change of host company

Change of host company

Both architecture firms are very different in all aspects, and I feel that I have learnt a lot observing the way they differently work.

Already 6 months that I have found my new host company. But I did not know that in the future I would have to change of Host Company, here I tell you how.

After being part of Edmonds + Lee architects’ firm for 5 months, my principal announced to me that their activity had been unexpectedly slowing down and that they could not keep me for much longer. Even though I felt that I had less and less interesting projects to work on, I still felt panicked and upset when I heard that… Fortunately, they accepted to keep me an extra month so I could have the time to look for another trainingship.

I updated my portfolio and started to contact all firms that let me think in the first place that they could eventually be interested in my application. I thought that at that point, the idea of the change of Host Company would be quite comical, Surprisingly, I received a lot of positive responses and had a couple of interviews. Two months (including one still working full week), it was pretty short to be sure I would find another company willing to go through all paperwork related to the change of host company and offer me a trainingship.

I had a good connection with the two principals at MacCracken Architects and they offered me a training position so I decided to change Host Company.

Even though it had been very stressful to be in this tricky situation for a month, with no salary, the rent to pay and all fees for the process of change of host company to pay as well, I feel that everything turned out pretty well. Change of host company maked me actually feel more comfortable in my second host company. I have learnt so much in the last 6 months. My employers are the best. One of my principal is always so patient and available anytime to explain me something. He will just take the time to sit down next to me and explain me with a sketch until it makes sense to me. They also like to make the work environment very relax and casual, which I really appreciate as I can get anxious very easily.

Both architecture firms are very different in all aspects, and I feel that I have learnt a lot observing the way they differently work.

Emmanuelle Brien


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