February Portfolio Challenge Winner is a model of housing in traditional habitat

January was a month full of top notch projects ranging from public housing in Paris to Equestrian spaces for practice to centers for environmental education, but February is a new month and a new year with projects ranging from cultural housing to modular living to creative out of this world designs.

With 7 artists’ work being presented throughout the month on all of our different platforms, we have the final winner with the most likes on Instagram!!

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The winner of the $30 Amazon Gift Card for this month, the month of February is Gregory Gordon‘s RAIZAL FLEXIBLE HOUSE, which garnered the most likes on Instagram with 156 likes in February!!

“Raizal flexible house” emerges from the understanding of the housing necessities of the archipelago of San Andres and it seeks to contribute to the solution of alarming situations such as critic overcrowding and the qualitative and quantitative deficit of living places. This housing pilot gains special relevance because it has been created through the studying of history, culture, and the analysis and characterization of the traditional houses found on the island, all this nourished with the development of the theoretical framework on tradition and flexibility in architecture.

“Raizal flexible house” is a model of housing in traditional habitat, in which a flexible house is proposed based on the study of culture, traditions, bio-climatic factors and particular family composition of the community of the archipelago of San Andrés, Providence and Santa Catalina.

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Thank you to everyone who had their work presented in the month of February!! 😁😁 We want to make sure that they all get more exposure! 👀👀

In second place was Manuel Mateu Sanchis’s Pop-Up Living with over 72 likes on Instagram. Manuel has architects in his family, as his father and his grandfather have been architects since he was a child. This consistent interaction with the design world has inevitably led to his strong passion for the architecture profession. When he finished school, he started his studies in architecture, at the Polytechnic University of Valencia ( ETSAV), where he discovered a new world of possibilities. In 2019 he graduated as a design professional from IESE Business School – University of Navarra.

In third place was Alvaro Guillen’s A Silent Death with over 32 likes on Instagram. In this project he aims to create a reinterpretation of the way and form that infrastructure should take in the port city of La Coruña, Spain. Last time Alvaro Guillen submitted “Cultuhipismo”, which was created with the aim of fostering a space for discussion and the battle of ideas. This time around Alvaro is taking on much more complex systems and designs aimed at providing a space for people to walk and transport themselves through the city. It is also an addition to the movement that started in Bilbao to refurbish old, industrial areas of cities, especially the port areas.

In fourth place was Cristina Asla Ortiz de Latierro’s TODOROKI VALLEY with over 30 likes on Instagram. Cristina provided a project called Rehabilitacion Casa Pastors last time she submitted, while this time around she is submitting a project that is tied deeply with Art and design aesthetics. Her project called TODOROKI VALLEY draws from her curatorial studies and aims to design a space that is tied to nature, as well as a prayer space in the dojo. Cristina plays around with the possible dimensions and adds different fixtures that add to the openness and sense of freedom to roam through the buildings different levels.

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In fifth place was Adriana Galicia Espinoza‘s Dancing Cabins with over 23 likes on Instagram. Adriana is a wonderful Architect from Mexico that has been part of various architecture competitions including the architecture competition “Amber Road Trekking Cabins” Latvia in 2017. For that competition she submitted her project called Dancing Cabins. The aim was to create resting places for hikers who travel each year along the “Amber Road” passing through the Baltic Sea across the coast of Latvia. The cabin is designed to be attached to the terrain and all seasons of the year, a flexible and adaptable space was designed to the climates of Latvia.

In sixth place was Arturo R. Del Amo López’s Plastic Box Pavilion with over 22 likes on Instagram. Plastic Box Pavilion is one of his creations from earlier on in his career, while he was honing his skills at Universidad CEU in Madrid. The idea behind the Pavilion is to provide those that enter into the structure, with a sense of comfort mixed with exploration of new spaces. Before making it to the USA, Arturo was working with Carlos Marzano Architects as an Architect, where he was able to apply his experiences working abroad in Taiwan and Thailand.

In seventh place was Ines Gulbenkian’s La Bodega was able to garner over 21 likes on Instagram. It was featured in her Portfolio during her time studying for her MA Architecture at the Royal College of Art in 2018. Ines views her project, “In a context of rapid social and political transformation, (she) proposed a system of interventions into the spaces of food distribution in the city of Havana, Cuba (las bodegas). The aim of this proposal is twofold: firstly, to create a mechanism of food distribution that can offer an alternative to the foreseeable privatization and deregulation of the current state owned system; second, understanding the food distribution as a social and political process, the project aims at generating new networks of solidarity in the urban fabric of the city.

Images by Gregory Gordon

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