Viaje a BCN for the Miró Foundation

Nieves Andrea Calvo joins us for the third time in the Architect-US Portfolio Challenge, she was a part of the Architect-US Job+J1 Visa Program in the past, and last time around she submitted a project called My Roots Are My InspirationShe worked along with A4 Tsawehuca Tea – Pablo Claudio Wegman, Virginia de Jorge Huertas y Chenta Tsai. They were finalists in the “Inspiration Hotel” convocation for OPENGAP.

The goal of her previously published project, was to create a project that arises from the conflicts risen in the middle-east that have degraded the countries and cities that once housed numerous inspirational hotels, now abandoned ruins. The project is contextualized in an uncertain future, when wars have ended and cities are capable of resilience.

Based on the “Trümmenfrauen”, a collective of women whom reconstructed Berlin, we propose Muslim female artists as the nuclei to regenerate the ruins of Baghdad, recreating and creating inspirational hotels for the use of artists and citizens relying on seven archetypal principles that describe contemporary female artists.

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This new project she published for the Portfolio Challenge called Viaje a BCN was for the Miró Foundation and it aims to display her sketching and design skills to create a space for the community. Nieves writes notes around the sketches that define the axonometric projection of the buildings and how they should be understood by tying the functionality with the structure and materials used.

She also highlights how the Patio and community spaces are centered in the main building, and how the park develops around the Patio, which creates a sense of the nature being on the outside and inside. This in turn makes the spectator feel a sense of calm and openness.

Find more information about her Barcelona project and others by visiting Nieves’ Website.

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Images by Nieves Andrea Calvo

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