Puerto Rivo

It’s December, and that means getting together with family and friends, organising get-togethers with people you haven’t seen for a long time…. and the arrival of winter, cold weather, scarves, coats and snow.

But this year that will be different. I’ve only been on this island for three weeks. The feeling of going to the beach in the middle of December and being able to sunbathe and swim is strange. I have hardly been out to visit the city. But I have already strolled around Old San Juan, and lazed on the white sandy beaches and sunbathed. Old San Juan is colourful, narrow cobbled streets, the heart of the old fortified city of San Juan. Next to it, at the tip of the island, is El Morro. A park where I have watched families flying their kites and tourists visiting the fortress.

The first two weeks at work have gone very well. The most complicated thing is getting used to their rhythm and way of working, the way they work internally and the continuous contact with the NY office. They have welcomed me as one of the MARVEL family. I’ve started helping to get work done on the Landscape side. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed and haven’t done since I was in college. The help with any problem is immediate, especially when it comes to finding a flat. Everyone has gone out of their way to help me find an apartment. It’s the most complicated thing so far. The situation in the country makes most people prefer to place their flats on rental platforms and thus earn more money than renting for a long stay.

I have been moving around the city for three weeks now but I hope to be more stable soon and be able to spend more time getting to know the Island of Enchantment.

Gabriel Garcia-Cremades


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