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Stas Gulkowski joins us for his second appearance on the Architect-US Portfolio Challenge with his project called Mum’s Club. Last time, he submitted his project called La Struttura Assente which was a parcel of the project located in the central, historical section of Milan, along Via San Marco. The longitudinal shape makes the site very interesting, though problematic. Within the areas exist a short remnant of an old ‘naviglio’ (it. canal) from the time when Milan looked much more like Venice today. The site has historical value because of the presence of Leonardo Da Vinci’s master hand.

This time around with his project called Mum’s Club, Stas sought to provide a new solution proposal for emergency house for single mothers with children. Part of an existing building in South Milan.

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The design problem addressed was refurbishment of section building located in Via Zumbini 6, Milan. The space functions as a temporary/emergency home for people that are currently in such need. Under consideration was the complex’s top floor west wing, a space allotted to host single mothers and their children in the age bracket of 0-6 years old, within a so-called ‘ERIN’ project. After a thorough examination of the space, and most importantly interviewing the structure’s visitors and client, we isolated the most important issues and simultaneously covered each in our design proposal.

Stas has always been interested in designing cultural spaces in large cities since he studied at Politecnico di Milano. Now he is working at SPAN NY in New York City and he has been enjoying his work as a designer in the city of his dreams.

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How would you design emergency housing for single mothersLeave us your thoughts/insights in the comments section below!! 👇👇👇

Status: School Project
Location: Milan, IT
My Role: *All the contents presented in this portfolio is a part of work realized on his own as a contribution to the totality
Additional Credits: Burcu Dogruyol & Derin Canturk

Images by Stas Gulkowski

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