Bittoni Architects Selected Projects #3

History and Culture of Bittoni Architects

Founded in 2004, Bittoni Architects is a full-service architectural practice predicated on the notion that architecture is both an artistic and social endeavor that has the potential to enhance the way we experience the world around us. Their work is idea driven, with a strong emphasis on research and analysis. It is their belief that, with a thorough investigation of context and culture, they can create meaningful solutions that give way to new forms of expression and interaction that are unique to each of our projects. Their methodology is defined by their explorative approach and a curiosity for the unconventional.  They work in collaboration with people and organizations to design their futures. 

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Mark Bittoni

Mark was born in Columbus, Ohio. After graduating from The Ohio State University’s Knowlton School of Architecture in 1998 he was awarded the UCLA Presidential Fellowship, where he earned the prestigious AIA Scholastic Award. Upon completion of his degree, Mark went on to work for the internationally recognized firm of Moore Ruble Yudell. While there he worked as a project designer on a wide variety of building types and scales.

Since the founding of Bittoni Architects in 2005, the office has grown from a local design practice to a thriving firm with projects on three continents. The practice has been responsible for a wide range of work, from multifamily housing, commercial retail, offices and workplaces to private homes.

In addition to managing his own practice, Mark was a lecturer at the University of Southern California where he taught in the core undergraduate design studios. Mark has been a guest critic at the Ohio State University, Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico City, and the Savannah College of Art and Design. He strongly believes that a successful design practice is one in which the professional world is continually coupled with academic endeavors.

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As you scroll through the following three projects they have created, consider all of these design techniques and ideas they have implemented.

Architect-US Participants

Clare Edwards

In 2016 Clare got the chance to make the move to Los Angeles and join the Bittoni team. She was able to stay for a year and contributed as much as she received from Bittoni. Now she is back in the United Kingdom and looking to create her own Studio.

Bittoni Architects‘ Selected Projects

Location  Columbus, OH

A modern, west coast-style house located in Columbus, Ohio, the Noe Bixby residence sits high on the plunging bank of Big Walnut Creek, overlooking the lush natural scenery and the city. The apparent challenge of the 40-foot drop from the front to the back of the house becomes an opportunity for an ambitious 3,200-square-foot home stretching three stories plus a basement accessible from the outside. At the front of the property, the garage is connected to the house by a bridge, invoking the playfulness of a treehouse. On the top floor, the foyer, master suite and loft overlook the open plan below which houses the kitchen, dining and living areas. This creates a light-filled, spacious and contemporary living space. The residence is positioned to be as close to the river as possible to maximize the spectacular views and be engulfed in nature.

Photos by Bittoni Architects


Location  Venice, CA

Located within walking distance of Abbot Kinney, this two-story duplex features a landscaped roof deck with a solar zone.

Photos by Bittoni Architects


Location  Los Angeles
 2018 – Ongoing

Located between Venice and Culver City, this apartment building provides a convenient segue to either the relaxing beach or the busy city. Matteson offers various amenities such as a roof deck, recreation room and private balconies. With views of the Pacific Ocean or Blair Hills, this project is advantageous when inside and outside. There is a subtle exchange between scale and articulation with carved out volumes and a brick facade, as it holds an imposing presence on a corner lot. 

Photos by Bittoni Architects

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Bittoni Architects

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