Relativity Architects Selected Projects #2

History and Culture of Relativity Architects

Relativity Architects (RA) is a Los Angeles based architectural studio founded in 2013 by Tima Bell and Scott Sullivan. They pursue projects that demand innovative and progressive answers. Whether in a piece of furniture or an urban master plan, their ambitions are to materialize inventive solutions into influential, evocative, and functional design projects. RA has produced a body of work that has fused the physical built landscape and the cultural art world in unparalleled methods.

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Relativity Architects is an office of distinct, diverse and creative professionals, celebrated through holistic collaboration. They pride ourselves in being resourceful, efficient, and full-service. Their teams are fully engaged in the project dialogue and they strive to provide hands-on mentorship, curating a studio of well-rounded architects. Their leadership and staffing model are based upon an immersive pedagogy. Not only does this approach produce more informed and creative architecture, but it sets the stage for a practice of ideas and not of egos. It is, also, inherently more fun.

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Architect-US Participants

Daniel Sosa Navarro

Daniel has been working with Relativity Architects for more than 2 years and has been given the Project Captain title more recently. He started his career in the Gran Canary Islands in Spain and then was able to complete his Masters in Rome. Quite soon after finding work in Madrid at Grupo Catalana Occidente he earned the opportuntity to move to Los Angeles and work with the top notch team at Relativity Architects. 

Fernanda Dias de Azevedo

Fernanda has been working with Relativity Architects for over 2 years now and was promoted to Job Captain soon after finishing her J1 experience with them. Her experience across three different continents starting in Brazil going to Milan and then finishing up in Los Angeles, has provided her with a different way of viewing design. Find out more about her career by watching an interview with Fernanda HERE

Relativity Architects‘ Selected Projects


Photos by Relativity Architects


Imagine Village is a permanent-supportive, affordable housing community of 75 units for veterans and families. Developed by Abbey Road and Abode Communities, this facility is also home to a Penny Lane Centers for adoption/foster care, as well as support services, community areas, and extensive landscaping. Part of a larger complex of non-profit companies, it is designed with the environment in mind. Utilizing the vast site, a balance of density and open space was achieved by programming multiple buildings with resident and unit types. Landscaping was used to create unobtrusive privacy and security.

The site is uniquely suited to work with the adjacent services building by the same developer. It is designed as part of a 4-building master plan for future development. A large mound and trees serve as a windbreak on the southern half of the property. Wooden slats shade and cool the main building, whose colors reflect the desert’s natural topography and sky.

By housing 30 veterans with mental or physical disabilities and 45 low-income families, this project reduces homelessness and supports productive contributions to society in the Antelope Valley area. These quality, sustainable homes are for those also deserving equal housing opportunities.

Imagine Village Apartments in Lancaster, CA by Relativity Architects

Photos by Relativity Architects & Nico Marques


This project was the interior and exterior renovations of an existing, 103-unit multi-family complex that featured 5 buildings atop a double-podium of parking. The renovations included upgrading and adding mobility units, audio/visual units, energy upgrades, and a re-configured community room and management offices to comply with current accessibility standards. Casa Rita Apartments was the recipient of the first-ever Rehab of the Year Award by SCANPH in 2019.

Photos by Relativity Architects & Nico Marques

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Relativity Architects

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