My first Basketball game in Philadelphia.

One of the things that I have always wanted to do was to go to a basketball game in United States of America. On December 10, 2019 I got to experience that in Philadelphia for the first time when the Philadelphia 76ers played the Denver Nuggets. It was the greatest experience I have  ever had.   Despite not being a big fan of sports, I must say that I enjoyed it a lot and I would return for another game in the future.

Before starting the game, I had the opportunity to see the players warm up on the court and one player that caught my attention was Ben Simmons.  He is recognized as one of the best players on the team.  Even without having many notions of basketball you can realize that his game technique is incredible!  I could really see why he is one of the best even without knowing basketball to well.

The stadium was full and you could see a lot of people excited about the game with food, drinks, and objects to encourage their team.  I could really feel the energy of the spectators in the stands.  In addition to this, another detail that caught my attention was the way in which spectators are included in the game.  I mean, there is a huge screen in the middle of the stadium and every so often they focus on people to show their energy for the game.

While the game was going on and the cameras focused on the people something unexpected happened.   A guy asked his girlfriend to marry him!  How often can you see that in you day to day life?  This was truly an unforgettable moment to see.

It was definitely one of the most memorable  experiences that I have witnessed.   It was much more than just a basketball game.  I am really fascinated to see everything that surrounds this event!

I am thankful that I got to experience such a great event and I will hold onto these memories forever!

Gianina Aldazábal

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