I will continue the second post of this series talking about gastronomy and nightlife on the Island. Puerto Rico is not only Reggaeton, their huge gastronomy has heritage from the Spanish, native Tainos, and African gastronomies. Here are some of the dishes that represent their culture: Mofongo, a base of mashed and fried plantains. We ate it with crab inside and it was delicious. If you fried some mashed plantain directly you have “Tostones” instead of “mofongo”. A nice way to thank my friend´s family for their hospitality was to make dinner for them. I cooked spanish tortilla and “croquetas” with some Rioja. They enjoyed the food! And of course, I cannot forget the drinks. They do really sweet and nice drinks. You can have the regular or you can drink it with an endless list of flavors like yucca, strawberries, blackberry, mango, watermelon… but my favorite was coconut! As I said, Puerto Rico is not only Reggaeton but I will talk about night clubs and I will give you my recommendations about my favorite dancing places. “La Factoria”, located in San Sebastian Street in Old San Juan is not an ordinary nightclub. This “speakeasy” bar has some secret passages that lead to six different bars where you can enjoy diverse types of music. The cocktails here are amazing! In “Los 3 Cuernos” you can taste “chichaitos”, a popular drink on the island. Ocean Lab, located in east San Juan specializes in beers made on the island. Close to these bars and El Morro, you will find “La Perla” It is famous now because in this neighborhood they filmed “Despacito”. All the houses and buildings were built outside the walls of the city in the 18th century. This area with time faced a lot of controversies but finally, the community has resisted.

Juan Carlos Bragado


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