Visiting Upstate

Since the pandemic arrives to our lives, we have to made a lot of changes not just in our daily routine, but in all our future plans. In my experience, I have to tried new places that I don’t even know they exists, so I made some research and start looking for new interesting (and unknown) places close to NYC.

The city is almost lockdown, or the experiences will not be the same in short term, so first I decided to make a road trip to upsate, first stop Cold Spring. This little but beautiful town, with a unique charm. It was very interesting to me to stay in the center of the town, to understand how the people that lives there do in their daily life, and how they interact with the tourists, and how both live in these pandemic times. Most of the places were opened, always following the health recommendations, but that effort of the local people it is what keep the city keeps moving forward.

Another amazing place I visited in my trip for upsate was North Adams. The town is not as charm as Cold Spring, but definitely worth it the visit. Its a town that have a very artistic vibes, with a couple of art museums, one of them was fantastic, The Mass MoCA. It has an amazing exhibition, with wonderful spaces. The building  was an old factory recovering most of the spaces, reinforcing the old structure, so the building was an old but new atmosphere, combined with the contemporary-modern collection I’ll define the building as a very unique piece in the middle of nowhere in upstate NY. Definitely these times, make us think that the things will be so different, but its also a good opportunity to discover new places that we never know we can be there.

Diego Perez


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