Summer in Tucson

Tucson gets warmer and warmer every day in Summer, we have to face really high temperatures so it has become a little hard to do outdoors activities during the day, for instance, hiking is done very early in the morning and sports and other social activities are performed at night.

Currently we are going through the Monsoon Season which  increases  humidity, there is also the presence of thunderstorms and lighting, heavy reins, dust storms and very high temperatures. From my point fo view is nice to see loads of water in sun a arid zone as Tucson, for example last week there was a lot of water running through Santa Cruz river what is amazing to see.

At the studio we have keep working on several projects, this time the team has been more focused on the interiors design, including curtains, including lighting and ventilation fixtures selection. At this point we have received many visits from lighting fixtures and textiles providers  and manufactures form mani places in the United States. This has been an extraordinary experience for me, getting to know thousands of different kind of textures form great designers, I think make projects better and better every day.

Due to the growth of the interiors design projects,  have also been helping with the new organisation fo the studio in terms of, database, samples and project files. This is something that needs to be really organised so we me sure of what are we offering to our clients and how we can make an the projects really beautiful, in fact there has been several meeting with deferents clients when there start describing their preferences of colours and textures related with the architecture of the house, cultural beliefs and background. Cll team is always open to different opinions and ideas so we can get great designs trough a constant dialog with clients, architects, manufactures,  and contractors.

Sebastian Espinoza

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