Bombay Beach, California

California hides a great number of unique natural spots: deserts, giant tree forests, kilometric beaches, etc. In such a vast territory, cities, despite the magnitude of some, sometimes become secondary. However, there is a series of locations built up by men, which because of their history, location, architecture, or outcome, or by the combination of these, have become unrepeatable; Bombay Beach is one of them.

Bombay Beach is a place in California that you will rarely find in tour guides. A place that exceeds all expectations (both positive and negative), that you can imagine. It is a visible example of many of the great sins that affect part of our society. Place formed by scars of speculation, pollution and abandonment, which has given one of the most non-designed apocalyptic places that can be found in this country.

This practically abandoned town, which currently congregates a few families (although the census speaks of hundreds), was built as a result of the “emersion” of the Salton Sea due to an engineering error. During its brief golden age it became a tourist destination for rich people, who saw in this lake in the middle of the desert, the perfect place to enjoy all kinds of water activities. Unfortunately for them, the saline levels of the sea killed the sea, and with it, all the fauna congregated there, becoming a toxic puddle that is buried every day.

Today, what is left of this “dead” town has become a must-stop place for many photographers, artists (there are a number of works of art designed by the residents themselves that can be seen all over Bombay Beach) and all curious people looking to enjoy a coast bathed by dead fish and a space that undoubtedly seems was designed to shoot horror films and not to house the rich with the desire to enjoy water skiing.

Daniel Sosa

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