First Construction Site Visit to Sun & Fun RV Resort

As Architects, the opportunity to see the building rise is somehow as exciting as drafting and designing it in the office. Today I got the opportunity to visit one of the sites which I have recently worked on with preparing the submittals for. The project has been under construction phase since some time now and hopefuls they plan to pack it up in another 4 months and therefore I get to see the whole process of it (very excited).

Sun & Fun is a well-known construction company with millions of built up in the country. Their main projects are located in the south. The concept of RV Resorts somehow excites me as it gives people an opportunity to explore, travel and feel homely at the same time. I have been working on a particular Activities Building on the site where they would conduct wood and stained glass workshops for the guests. It is a premanufactured metal building with 4″ metal stud interior walls. I got an opportunity to observe the exterior framing and some very basic construction details of the metal columns and roofs as well as foundation and structure details. Today was my first visit and hopefully, every 1 visit in 2 weeks can make me learn a lot in my leftover 5 months. It is exciting how India (my home country) and the USA have such different construction materials. It’s great to learn about these exotic materials as well. I got an opportunity to compare live drawings with the chalk marking on the worksite and wonder about some plumbing and electrical details which I constantly would ask my supervisor and he would answer all my questions. At the worksite, they are very particular about construction hats and boots. So be careful when you plan to go on a site.

I look forward to future opportunities of experiencing the live site work as that is what teaches us the most. Observing the building grow live is the first and foremost way of learning how the building parts come together and gives us a direction of what is in the drawings and how we manage to complete construction drawings.

Nishtha Sadana

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