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Here at Architect-US we understand that filing your taxes can be a daunting task for even American citizens, so for an international talent this article may be useful. We have teamed up with Sprintax, so we hope that this article provides you with the tools for your success! Our partnership with Sprintax started back in 2018 and it has been a solid partnership that we accepted to assist and support our community.

Who needs to file tax forms for 2020 tax season?

1.If you worked in the US on a J-1 programme in 2020, you must file a 2020 tax return.
2.Even if you did not earn income while in the US, you still must file Form 8843.

Remember, failure to comply with your US tax obligations may jeopardise your chances of getting a US visa in the future.

The good news is Architect-US and Sprintax are here to help. We already helped over 200,000 nonresidents with their tax filing requirements last year alone.

Tax Filing Deadline:

The deadline to file your US taxes is right around the corner, 17th of May, 2021. It is the last day for residents and non-residents who earned U.S. income to file Federal tax returns for 2020.

Resident or Non-Resident for Federal Tax Purposes:

Architects with J visas are automatically considered non-residents for 2 out of the last 6 calendar years in the US. If you’ve been in the US for longer than 2 years for the last 6 years period, the Substantial Presence Test will determine your tax residency.

How to File:

We have teamed up with Sprintax to provide you with easy-to-use tax preparation software designed for non-residents in the U.S.

Documents you must gather for Sprintax:

  • Passport
  • Visa/Immigration information, including form I-20 (F status) or form DS-2019 (J status)
  • Social Security or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (if you have one)
    • This is not needed if you had no income and the 8843 is the only form you have to file.
  • W-2
    • This form reports your wage earnings if you worked. If you had more than one employer you should get a W-2 from each employer. It is issued by the end of January for the previous year. Make sure all employers from last year have an up-to-date address for you.
  • U.S. entry and exit dates for current and past visits to the U.S.
    • In addition to passport stamps, you can review or print your U.S.travel history here.
  • 1099
    • This form reports miscellaneous income. Can be interest on bank accounts, stocks, bonds, dividends, earning through freelance employment.

Stimulus check? If you received this, chances are you got it in error and need to file an amended return too. Sprintax can help with this too. For more click here.

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If you have any questions about tax, log in to Sprintax and talk to the 24/7 live chat team or email our their support team hello@sprintax.com

DISCLAIMER: At Architect-US we are NOT permitted to assist with taxes and moreover nonresidents with any IRS tax form preparation or tax related questions. The information provided is intended for your benefit. Any questions or concerns should be directed to Sprintax, a certified tax preparer or a local IRS field office.


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