Architectural Designer Position at RE-AD in New York City or Miami!

RE-AD is an award-winning interdisciplinary design studio with grounding in architecture. They designed millo for contemporary living in the neighborhood of Astoria, Queens. Our built environment determines the way we think, move, interact, consume and connect to nature.

RE-AD sees design as a canvas to ignite conversation and inspire evolutions. Each design is an opportunity to create the conditions to eat, live and work differently.

Great design must take a stand. RE-AD is based in Brooklyn and with French leadership, they currently work in the USA and in Europe on residential, commercial and hospitality projects. Their team of architects, designers, engineers and craft-makers come together to produce a striking living experience through each project. They gather their resources to understand the complexity of each scene, they step back to define the sharpest contours and observe the dominant colors, they eventually channel the light through the most truthful pathway. Every project is treated with a unique storyline that lights up the essence.

Please check out their work, team, location and everything else below and let us know if we should recommend to you!

⚠️ Please review their projects, team, location, and offer details, and if you like it all and you want to be considered for this position (or any other Architect-US opportunities), please register in our Job+J1 Visa Program and upload your CV and Portfolio TODAY and the Selection Committee can assess your eligibility in a timely manner so you don’t miss this opportunity!

Offer details:

Position: Architectural Designer
Company: RE-AD ⚠️ REMEMBER! This position is open ONLY to Architect-US Members. If you want to be considered for this position, please register in our Job+J1 Visa Program and upload your CV and Portfolio so the Selection Committee can assess your eligibility.
Location: New York City OR Miami
Salary: Commensurate with experience
Length of the Program: 12-18 months


    • 2-5 years of professional experience
    • Experience compiling and organizing Construction Documents
    • Critical thinking and ability to work by themselves as well as within a team
    • Previous experience working with interior design projects a plus
    • Experience working with AutoCAD, Rhino, and Sketch-Up
    • Revit is a huge plus, especially if you are interested in helping to implement Revit in the office

If you are selected for an interview, make sure to be ready for these questions. As they will ask them to learn more about who you are.

  • Why are you interested in this opportunity?
  • What’s an accomplishment you’re most proud of?
  • What is your highest aspiration in the field? Describe your ideal position.
[ Please let us know in the comments what your personal answer to the last question is, and help us grow the community and promote conversation that leads to career progress for all!👇👇👇 We answer yours questions below too! ]

Looking forward to seeing your beautiful portfolio! 🙂


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