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Hello everyone!!

Today I complete 7 months living in the United States. Wow, I’m almost in the middle of the program and I didn’t even see this time pass. After a lot of planning this month, I was able to go to New York, I was so excited to see the so famous new tower in the Hudson Yards area, The Vessel. I’ve already been to New York a long time ago, but I was young and wasn’t an architect, which its completely different.

So I arrived on a Friday night and met some friends in a rooftop bar, the weather was wonderful, the view was spectacular and we had a great time there. I went to sleep super excited to find my favorite place in the world, New York.

I woke up early because I wanted to enjoy the summer streets. During the summer months, NY City Hall closes some streets for pedestrian and bicycle. It was one of my favorite activities there, I crossed the entire island of Manhattan in two hours, I could see so much without worry about getting hit by a car or where to leave the bike every time you want to stop to take a picture. It was a unique experience, to see that many people enjoying the public spaces and appropriating the city, inexplicable.

Then, I walked around the Chelsea region. I was surprised how this region has changed since the last time I came.

Then the long-awaited big time came, I entered the Vessel and spent hours going up and down the stairs and enjoying the incredible view of the Hudson River.

At night I went to watch the musical, Chicago, very good, an amazing orchestra and spectacular singers. The day was very well spent.

Sunday I rent a bike again and cycling around the city and I passed through central park, what a nice park. So I stop to have a wonderful brunch in a rooftop with some friends.  Amazing food, really nice space and perfect companies.

Unfortunately, it was time to go home. I could not enjoy New York better, see you soon.

Nathalie Hellmich

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