Andrea Steele Architecture Selected Projects #2

Andrea Steele Architects, also known as ASA, joins us for a second batch of hand-picked projects that highlight the wide-variety of projects that they take on as a studio. They are always looking for opportunities to create the spaces where future generations are formed, as well as help connect past generations with their community.

History of Andrea Steele Architecture (ASA)

Andrea Steele Architecture (ASA) previously was known as the New York studio of  TEN Arquitectos, ASA was formed out of the collaboration between Enrique Norten and Andrea Steele, TEN’s North American principal for eight years. That relationship, which resulted in more than 20 built works, will continue as the two work on current projects and seek out future ones.

TEN Arquitectos [Taller de Enrique Norten Arquitectos] , founded in Mexico City by Enrique Norten in 1986, under his leadership and vision, the firm reached international stature when it opened a New York office in 2003. Since then, TEN Arquitectos has grown to over 70 members, working on a diverse array of award winning and acclaimed architectural projects.

Company Culture

Andrea Steele Architecture (ASA) is well renowned for their work in creating large-scale developments, vibrant civic centers, academic campuses, or cultural arenas, they know that to conceive of architecture as an isolated building is to miss the opportunities that design has to offer. Every project, regardless of site, scale, or program, is a chance to extend and enhance the public space.

ASA views the practice of architecture as a form of creating and maintaining connections and alignments by bridging between the local and the universal. ASA is guided by the idea that architecture is an expression of our shared experience and provides a space for cultural and social advancement. Each project contributes to a global dialogue that enhances not only the communities, but also the architecture profession.

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Architect-US J1 Visa Participants

Nuria Heras

Nuria holds a Master of Technology in Architecture with specialty in restoration and renovation from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. She has studied and practiced architecture internationally in Barcelona, Germany, Morocco, France and Mexico. In Barcelona she oversaw the construction of the Blanes Sports Center by Arata Isozaki. In 2014 she joined TEN Arquitectos Mexico, where she led the design of the competition-winner National Museum of Energy and Technology (MUNET), an undulating active landscape enriched with cultural and educational program, that became the most challenging project up until today. She was also the driving force in the design and development of the Betel Synagogue and the intermodal train station from Toluca to Mexico City, both currently under construction.

In 2017 she moved to New York City where she played a leading position in several invited competitions including the El Paso Children Museum, where the firm was selected as finalist against national and international architectural firms like Konig Einzenberg and Snøhetta. In the Make the Road community Center, Nuria raised its design to another level to become a symbol to the members and the city, this awarded design is currently under construction and will be finalized in 2022.

Nuria is a passionate of the relationship between the built environment and its surroundings conditions and defends that “there are still in our cities spaces of opportunity to improve the life quality and enhance social connectedness in every neighborhood. The wide-spread cities shouldn´t be the answer when there is so much already built and vacant “ 

To gain a better understanding of the design style and way that Nuria views architecture and design, please go to the website of her studio, called nu.he studio aka Nuria Heras Studio, where you could find not only her latest projects but also, the articles she publishes in different architectural magazines and the podcast named Punto de Fuga – Podcast de Arquitectura, developed since 2018 and advocate of hispanic architecture.

Nieves Andrea Calvo Lopez

Nieves is an Architect that studied at the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Alcalá (ETSAUAH) who has previously lived, studied and worked in Madrid and Bordeaux. Nieves is passionate about the phenomenology in architecture and was granted a research fellowship to study the relationship between our memory and architecture. Great defender of the need for deep research into new ways of confronting the architectural profession, as well as rethinking the crucial role that animals should have in our society.

Nieves has been working at ASA since May 2019 and worked with us via the Job+J1 Visa Program. They have been able to work on many amazing projects such as the MRNY, Community Center in Queens, NY, RSQ, Residential Development in Newark, TLC Woodside, Taxi and Limousine Commission, NY (Awarded with excellence in Design 2017 by The New York City Design Commission). Just to name a few!

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As you scroll through the following three projects they have created, consider all of these design techniques and ideas they have implemented.

Andrea Steele Architecture (ASA) Projects

West End Square 50

West End Square 50 is situated on a corner lot in a vibrant neighborhood full of hotels and restaurants and it aims to provide much-needed public amenities into the West End neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Three distinct programs—a new fire station for Engine Company No.1 on street level, a two-story squash club on the second and third floors, and six stories of affordable residential housing on top—are situated in clearly articulated stacked volumes that push and pull the otherwise consistent street wall, creating more engagement and activity in the area.

Photos by Andrea Steele Architecture (ASA)

New York Public Library

In a neighborhood dense with high-end retail, luxury residences, and blue-chip institutions and offices, this 28,000-square-foot branch of the New York Public Library (NYPL) fulfills a much-needed role as an accessible space and a touchstone for the local community and visiting tourists. The Library seeks to activate the mostly below-grade space and transform it into an inviting, open, and light-filled civic landscape, the design called for a glass facade that virtually disappears to reveal a dynamic internal topography. Inside, the innovative use of modest materials creates a rich palette of texture and expression for the three floors, which are openly connected to bring light and views to the deepest corners of the plan, and to provide endless opportunities for social interaction and enlightenment.

Photos by Andrea Steele Architecture (ASA)

Barkai School

By embodying the uniqueness of the Barkai Yeshiva education the design creates an experience that is both focused on the traditional Torah study, and the progressive teaching structure aimed at fostering, challenging and encouraging independent growth and thought. As you move through the building, you feel that it works as a metaphor for the child’s journey through their academic life – one that is filled with many opportunities.

Photos by Andrea Steele Architecture (ASA)

Do not forget that we will be posting more work by Andrea Steele Architecture (ASA) in the coming weeks and months, so keep an eye out for more of their incredible work!! Every Friday we will be posting a new Featured Company, so join us again next week!

Andrea Steele Architecture

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