Manhattan has many good things, you can laugh, cry with joy, see mysterious people, meet the best restaurants in the world, go to the ballet, be able to see the lights of the buildings that are like constant fireflies, go to the opera, watch live jazz , meet a famous, walk the fifth shopping avenue, run through central park, go to the zoo, ice skating, run parallel to the Hudson River, catch a train and stand in cold spring, visit world trade center, go to met o the national museum of natural history, go to the famous stairs where the jocker plays a role, buy gourmet products and make dinner with wine and laughs in your apartment with friends.

Meet a beautiful man who only wants to flirt with you but asks you for the number and invites you to a date, crying because they have broken your heart and just want to listen to music that reminds you of your home and your family, meet Chinatown and try the famous fluffy sweets that make up there, know the point where five different cultures converge famous for the movie Gangs in New York. Meet clothing brands that only exist in the United States and feel total American, go to yoga class, have a chocolate cake with coffee in Ralph Lauren’s coffee, meet tiffany’s, visit the emanents store and visit Times Square, go to a Gospel mass, see snowing in central park and see snowing Coney Island on the beach when there is not a soul. Anyway, endless things.

All this really exists and if you are able to live in Manhattan for a while you will live it, because it is part of Manhattan and its essence. But what I will never explain is the impulsive fact of helping the people you have. Without going any further, today in the subway returning from work, I had the impulse to give my homeless hat. It has not been any heroic gesture, but nobody, absolutely nobody, looks at them when they are sharing subway with you, and I wonder, really, the cold that it does and all the good and comfortable things that we enjoy, and we are not able to Have a gesture with them. Manhattan has many things, and it is an adventure every day, but the sensitivity of what is really sensitive is lost, and it is seeing a homeless going cold.

Marta Barcia

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