Working from home during COVID 19

I would have never thought that when I go to the states for my Trainee Program that I would arrive shortly before a global pandemic. Due to COVID 19 I have been working over two months from home. Luckily I at least spent my first 4 weeks in the office to get to know the people, office and projects, so that I felt confident to be able to work remotely.

I remember my family back in Germany telling me that they are going into lock down. I was shocked. Life still felt normal here. Slowly there was more coverage on American news about the climbing numbers in this country too. I will never forget how I went to the supermarket and there was a feeling of chaos and panic in the air. Food and other supplies were sold out. It felt like in a movie.

After this experience and hearing the horrible numbers in Italy I felt uncomfortable taking the every day commute with the metro to work. We held a meeting and I told my colleagues after which we decided to work for a few weeks from home and see if this calms down. I could take my office computer with me and got settled in my new “home office”. Architect US and Cenet contacts me and offered me to go home and continue after the pandemic is over. I felt that in my case it wouldn’t make much sense, as my parents are older and I didn’t want to endanger them when going home and my work also needed me. At first all of this was kind of exciting and new and I thought this would only be like for two weeks or so. But I was so wrong…

We hold weekly Zoom meetings to stay updated and discuss the week ahead. I got used to this new kind of “lifestyle” but there are periods where being in this isolation gets to you and your mood. Luckily I live with my friend in a nice apartment by the lake. We try to go for many walks, cook amazing dishes and have countless movie nights. As the weather is getting better I miss going out on the weekends to restaurants and socialise. I hope that things will get better soon and that I can experience the city and culture, which is why I wanted to come here in the first place. I also was planing on traveling a bit and seeing other cities in the US.

Staying hopeful and positive. Hope you all stay safe and healthy!

Miriam Mouchtar


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