NYC Salon Experience

The 8th edition of Salon Art + Design –  an annual fair and a real heaven for architects, designers, as well as art collectors with the perfect mix between the fine arts gallery and collectable design gallery took place at Park Avenue Armory . I went to see and experience myself how it feels to be surrounded by solely the best of the best design and art pieces. 56 different galleries from all over the world came to New York City to exhibit objects from an ancient bust circa 1000 BC to the newest trends including 3D printed pieces. Russia, Italy, Brazil, Germany, France, Spain and Lebanon among other nations taking part in the fair made it an absolutely ‘must see’ and I’m sure that this is the case every single year! The Salon simply represents what is best of every culture, decade, and movement in design – can’t go wrong here!

The founders of this project believe that the distinctions between art and design have become more and more blurred within time. The organizers believe too, that this past edition, by way of including participants from Moscow, São Paulo or Barcelona enhanced the range of the materials that were presented – and this is so true! I also found it amazing to be able to see the really exciting, tailored for the site installations in all the beautiful, historic rooms of the Armory.

My absolutely favorite part of the show was in the Colonel’s Room of Park Avenue Armory where «Soldier’s Retreat» by Matthieu Lehanneur’s was set up. Quoting the artist, this space is «(…) absolutely isolated from the turmoil of the world. A place where time is suspended, an Eden’s Garden. Like a peace found after the battlefields.». These words accurately describe the feeling you had when among pieces designed by Lehanneur. Next to those were amazing designs of «Inverted Gravity» collection made by the same author. Pieces made of marble and blown glass, combined together make you wonder how design can go against the laws of physics and how marvelous effects this can bring.

If you come to New York City to intern at some amazing architectural office – you definitely need to keep your ears and eyes wide open not to miss this event next year!


Stanislaw Gulkowski

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