Cultural Life in New York City

One of amazing things about living in the United States of America and particularly about living in New York City is the culture. This is absolutely wonderful that culture here awaits you at almost each corner of the city and is accessible to everyone – depending on what you’re looking for!  All events here, whether found accidentally in the streets of the city, on the subway, in the parks or maybe ticketed events at Theaters, movie theaters or in other venues give you this insanely pleasant feeling that you are participating in some amazing and important events as ‘one of the chosen’, one living in this very center of the world – that’s really hard to describe, you just have to try it!  There are a few recent events that I have participated in and found absolutely amazing. I would love to share with those who’re seeking for some inspirations.

Theaters and movie theaters are absolutely everywhere. Look for great deals, try your chances in Broadway Direct Lottery and get yourself a reasonably priced ticket to one of the best shows in the world. For the movies I recommend trying Landmark Movie Theater at Via 57th West designed by Bjarke Ingels Group. This cinema is absolutely great and so comfy! You can unfold your seat and watch the movie actually lying! It’s really nice!

There are also great plays on Broadway. I bet you’ll find something for yourself! I was very curious to see Slave Play, written by Jeremy O Harris. I went to Golden Theater, Manhattan and loved it!  This controversial play is a debate on race. Concerning lives of three modern-day interracial couples, their problems, needs and misunderstandings as a natural part of mixed-race relationships. Absolutely worth seeing!

There‘s plenty more: different subjects, different locations. Just come and seize it all! 



Stanislaw Gulkowski

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