Architecture of the Desert

Hello everyone, so this is my third week in Tucson Az, and the start of this adventure has been absolutely fantastic, I can tell you that im already set in a nice place close to downtown and seven minutes bike from home to the office, this a very friendly city for bikes so this is an easy way I found to move around.

I have been working  at  Cll Concept Lighting Lab llC for my first ten  days and I can certainly tell that I have learned a lot of lighting and interior design the team has a big selection of lights and furniture manufacturers to work with so it is really nice being introduced to different design concepts. The work team has been always great to me, respectfully, helpful and professional, my colleagues have been  always ready to assist me in case I need their support, therefore we make our  work better Avery day. I have also been introduced to a variety of softwares they use for working on different projects, im familiar with some of them and not with others, but I find I great opportunity to expand my knowledge about different tools to make architecture.

At the moment I have been working mostly on lighting design for new home in Houston, Texas, within my tasks  there is a bit of drawing in Revit, 3d modelling in Rhinos Ceros and and rendering with Dialux with I find kind of exiting because you are able to find out how the lighting design is working on the project  so you can add or delete lights.

I find my self really confortable in the city and work, here you learn always something new about local culture, including food, music, arts and design. Actually, Mexican food here is lovely there are a lot of restaurants where to chose from.


Sebastian Espinoza

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