Photos by SOM
Photos by SOM

SOM 2021 Global Virtual Shadowship Program

Join SOM in their 2021 Virtual Shadowship opportunity and experience what it would be like to work at one of the top Design firms in the world. Go from meeting the Design Director to the Principal, and learn about different career trajectories, so that you can envision yourself in one of these roles! or many! Learn more and apply for the opportunity here!

SOM (SKIDMORE, OWINGS & MERRILL) is a collective of architects, designers, engineers and planners working together to build a better future. SOM has helped to create some of the world’s most technically and environmentally advanced buildings and significant public spaces. They focus on being highly collaborative, and promote interdisciplinary teamwork across the globe.
Design according to SOM is “…the art of realizing their aspirations and changing the way they experience the world. The best results come from a balance of disciplines: planning, interiors, engineering, and architecture.” Together, we can shape the future, by applying creativity and emergent technologies to design buildings that anticipate new ways of living, working and learning.
SOM has offices all over the USA and during this Virtual Shadowship, you will be given the opportunity to visit many different parts of the office and meet many different people that fulfill distinct roles within the firm.

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SOM 2021 Virtual Shadowship 

The SOM 2021 Virtual Shadowship program provides Undergraduate and Graduate Students with the chance to gain invaluable experience, mentorship and guidance in Architecture, Engineering or related fields. Sponsored by SOM Pride, Arquitectos, NOMA and Women’s Initiative groups.

During the week-long remote program, selected students will rotate through SOM departments to gain a well-rounded perspective on the work of the firm and the day-to-day experience of SOM design professionals.

These opportunities aim to provide you with the chance to gain a comprehensive understanding of the skills and educational requirements to pursue a career in architecture or related fields, attend scheduled online lectures and events with professionals, accompany a team to a virtual site visit, attend virtual project meetings, assist with graphic or organizational tasks, and grow your knowledge of the world of architecture.

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Important Information

Program Dates: January 11, 2021 – January 15, 2021

Applications due by December 7, 2020


  • Current Enrollment in a Graduate or Undergraduate program of Architecture, Engineering, or a related Design field.


  • Attach PDF resume to application.

  • As a separate PDF file, attach a sample of your work no longer than 5 pages. Your sample should include something that tells SOM about your experience and interest in architecture and/or engineering.

Here is the link to apply to this wonderful opportunity via SOM’s Website and via LinkedIn.

Architect-US Participants

Eftalia Proios Torras

Eftalia is a wonderful Young Spanish Architect that was able to leverage her experience working at SOM as a J1 Visa Exchange Participant to then apply for the O1 Visa and win it to go back to the same studio she worked at in Washington, DC with SOM. Before that initial experience in 2016, she had been taking on various internships in Barcelona at Ramon Sanabria Arquitectes Associats and Estudi d’Arquitectura Toni Gironès
After returning to Barcelona from her first work experience at SOM, she continued working on her Computer software skills and became a BIM Specialist at Pine Arq for a year. Now she is back in Washington DC as a Senior Architectural Designer. Every step of the way since 2016 we have been there with her, assisting with opening the necessary doors for her to succeed and apply her true potential to a top firm.

Esteban Becerril Pellon

Esteban is another top notch Spanish Architect that was able to join the Architect-US Job +J1 Visa Program and attain an incredible opportunity working with SOM in Washington DC. Before that he had the chance to intern for 3 months at a firm in in New York called APT Architecture. He was also able to win the O1 Visa through our partner sponsors, and extend his American Dream.
Since returning from the USA in 2018, Esteban has started his own studio called Becerril StudioHe has always dreamt of starting his own firm back in Spain, but he is grateful for the opportunities he was able to take advantage of in the USA. According to Esteban, it provided him with the necessary exposure to a variety of styles and techniques of running a firm to be able to be dynamic and adaptable as an entrepreneur.
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