Halloween 2020

Halloween this year was eerily different and… quiet. I would say this was the first holiday in 2020 which had a completely different celebration, compared to last year. No Halloween parade, no large gatherings of trick-or-treaters, though NY did have lots of masked individuals roaming the streets… for all the covid-related reasons though, for better or worse.

I remember the 2019 New York’s Village Halloween Parade like it was yesterday. The excitement of going to the parade, followed by the absolutely packed streets and people climbing fences, buildings, and whatever else they could in order to get the best view. The contrast with this year was so stark that it made me realize (yet again) how fast circumstances can change, which in return can completely transform our day-to-day experience. However, I like to think of this as a reminder that circumstances don’t have to dictate one’s wellbeing and that the way I experience the world should depend as little as possible on exterior factors impossible to change, and focus rather on my inner wellbeing, as well as on the factors that I can actually directly affect. Easier said than done on most days, but it’s a healthy goal and baseline to have.

To put my money where my mouth is, I made the most of the extra free time and took a walk around Upper East Side, where a mini-version of the parade was on display: parents and kids dressed up in all sorts of funky costumes trick-or-treating, storefronts decorated with pumpkins, lights and monsters – despite the out-of-our-hands circumstances, everybody was having a blast! So, I gladly followed suit. Also, in the evening I did some pumpkin carving – first time after many years! I’ll let you judge the results yourself, but the process of making them was so much fun; and they bring a season-specific feel and scent in the home.

Here’s to a great Halloween, all things considered. Looking forward to what 2021 has in store.

Theodor Harasim


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